Zoot Sims - Taking Flight (2018)

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Zoot Sims - Taking Flight (2018)

Zoot Sims - Taking Flight (2018)
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Genre: Jazz / Label: Chameleon Archive

Throughout his career, Zoot Sims was famous for epitomizing the swinging musician, never playing an inappropriate phrase. He always sounded inspired, and although his style did not change much after the early 1950s, Zoot's enthusiasm and creativity never wavered. Zoot's family was involved in vaudeville, and he played drums and clarinet as a youth. His older brother, Ray Sims, developed into a fine trombonist who sounded like Bill Harris. At age 13, Sims switched permanently to the tenor, and his initial inspiration was Lester Young, although he soon developed his own cool-toned sound. Sims was a professional by the age of 15, landing his first important job with Bobby Sherwood's Orchestra, and he joined Benny Goodman's big band for the first time in 1943; he would be one of BG's favorite tenormen for the next 30 years.

Track List:
1 I'm Stretching Out 06:09
2 Evening in Paris 03:22
3 Jive at Five 05:19
4 My Old Flame 03:24
5 It Ain't Necessarily So 03:17
6 Pennies from Heaven 06:17
7 East of the Sun 11:03
8 Bess You Is My Woman 05:18
9 Everything I Love 04:19
10 Oh Lawd I'm on My Way 03:25
11 I've Heard that Blues Before 05:27
12 More Blues 05:24

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FILE: 2 Evening in Paris.flac
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FILE: 3 Jive at Five.flac
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Signature: 3B8AE7366410045649404BC9E03E0C0618AA1DA3
FILE: 4 My Old Flame.flac
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FILE: 7 East of the Sun.flac
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Conclusion: MPEG 95%
Signature: 3582195C446808286FCB4699B040CFE06AF1EF2C
FILE: 5 It Ain't Necessarily So.flac
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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 512F11C748F6F9AB5A2FBCA47F161483572DA1B4
FILE: 6 Pennies from Heaven.flac
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FILE: 8 Bess You Is My Woman.flac
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