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Rti Act 2005 [right To Information]-indian Law

Posted By: Sigha
Rti Act 2005 [right To Information]-indian Law

Rti Act 2005 (right To Information)-indian Law
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Genre: eLearning Video | Duration: 55 lectures (2 hour, 25 mins) | Language: English

First Appeal, Second Appeal Complain To Central And State Information Commission

What you'll learn

What is this Right To Information act [2005]
What Is First APPEAL
What is Central Information Commission
How can we get our answer from government as soon as in 30 days?
Law aspirants
How can we appeal second appeal to state information commission ya central information commission?
How we know where we can file RTI
If First Appeal, RTI REJECT What’s I Do?
Illiterate people can also file RTI ,first appeal and second appeal and complaint to central information commission.
You will learn the important principles of Law
Understand major importance Of RTI implications in the daily life.


Basic knowledge of Computer,Digital Media.
A basic understanding of regional languages.
No specific materials are required prior to taking this course.
A basic understanding of the digital media.
A Basic Knowledge Of internet for understand the knowledgeable videos.


RTI Act was enacted in 2005.

Advance legal study is not our aim in this, the purpose of this course is to give you legal knowledge so that you do not strike a lawyer and you get counseling at the right time and there is a case file in which you also have knowledge so that the lawyer also does not cheat you and does not budge. To make.

Often we do not get any answer from the government, due to which we do not get timely reply to our ugc exam, ssc, government exam all and pension, scholarship, complaints case.

But if there is no answer from here, people often sit quietly thinking that nothing will happen to themselves.

But if you appeal the complaint first and then to the Central Information Commission, then who will give your information?

Pension, scholarship and your rights have been violated, now you are facing problems, then you will be able to get rid of those problems.

Now it is their turn to bear the problem. It is not that you are helpless, for this we will be able to do all the processes online so that your postman's expenses are also saved. Offline will be a class for those who want to post speed. During the class, you will be given a format so that you too can do your RTI anytime later. You can also get information and file RTI without any hesitation and fear so that the information you get from time to time will be beneficial for you. In this category, you can get RTI [information Authority] will take their information, if they do not provide information, then they will face a fine of Rs 25000. With all this and all the information and all the evidences that you should have, then the paper will be problems. Officers will be shown to the officer and that they will delay your information you will be afraid of this, or will not respond, so officials will have to pay only because of the difficulty arises because of them | This appellant was able to make up for the pain caused by all these problems for which all those officers are responsible. In this course, RTI has many expert books, related articles and if you also want RTI, then you will get the worker's government How to do if you want to work? During this, you will get all the information about Claus during your video. So that you get your information, job opportunity, and if any of your exams are not getting results, then the scholarship is delayed, it will give you time to answer the officer so that your work is not bad and the problem is not to be wasted. And all of this

The right that you were deprived of till today.

Who this course is for:

Who wants to handle government body for different types delay of your answer.
Who are suffer by government body due to no responses
law aspirant
Students who are unknown from their rights.
People who suffer daily due to late ,no response of complain example police and any government departments.
Who suffer delay and no response and unsatisfactory response ,partial reply of your important question, pension ,scholarship,case etc.
Who are unknown from law,legal right they can increase knowledge in law.
who are aspirant about their legal rights but we are not aware.

Rti Act 2005 [right To Information]-indian Law

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