How to Play the Ocarina

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How to Play the Ocarina

How to Play the Ocarina
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An timeless instrument you can play anywhere

What you'll learn

Learn how to Play the Ocarina
Learn a Basic Scale
Learn two songs and ways to find many more
Learn about music theory and sheet music


Should be able to get an Ocarina (DM me for my suggestions)


We know the Ocarina from popular figures like Link from the Zelda video game series. We also know it from Totoro the Asian anime movie. The Ocarina is a wonderful instrument to play and has a wonderful sound. If you have a 12 hole Ocarina you can play any note and aren't stuck in one key, this gives you the freedom to play many songs and with your friends no matter what they are playing.

This instrument in one form or another has been around for over 10,000 years. At times it was called the potato instrument because it can be made by carving out a potato. (that version doesn't last much past supper time, so make sure you aren't planning to jam with your friends after your meal.) It has a wonderful sound is easy to play.

In this course we are going to:

look at the instrument and how to physically play it.

Learn the notes on sheet music

Learn the notes based on the piano (helpful to find songs)

Learn how to play melody

Learn how to play an arrangment

Learn chords so you can play almost any song

Whether you know five instruments or this is your first this course will help you start playing and enjoying this instrument.

Thank you for checking out this course and feel free to try out some of the preview sections to see if my teaching style works for you.



Who this course is for:

People who have a love of music
People who want to learn Ocarina
People who like Totorro or Zelda

How to Play the Ocarina

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