Master the Google Docs Word Processor | 2020 G Suite Updates

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Master the Google Docs Word Processor | 2020 G Suite Updates

Master the Google Docs Word Processor | 2020 G Suite Updates
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Goodbye Microsoft Word software. Hello Google Drive's cloud-based professional productivity app for text documents.

What you'll learn

A full understanding of all Google Docs features complete with the software's most recent updates
The entire functionality of the Chart Editor as accessed through Google Sheets
A firm grasp of file creation, management, and deletion through Google Drive
Insight into the G Suite ecosystem and the dynamics throughout


Familiarity with G Suite is helpful but not necessary


Our video courses use a Question & Answer format. No need to sift through 8 hours of long lectures looking for a single piece of information.

Similar to Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, most people use Google Docs for writing simple documents, never realizing all the time-saving ins and outs of the free online productivity software. In addition to simple functions like saving a document locally as a PDF or adjusting your Google Drive storage plan, this course will show you how to fully use the cloud-based software to quickly create slick, professional documents by utilizing the following:

Little-Known Features

Enable voice typing

Access the script editor section for computer programmers

Place an automatically-created table of contents into the document

Translate a full document

Add letters with accents or special characters

Save headings as a default style from templates

Transition between editing and suggesting modes

Find the word count

Document Format & Structure

Place a page number on every page but the title page

Create bullet-point lists

Format text into columns

Check the document's spelling & grammar

Tables & Charts

Insert tables with adjustable border color, size, style

Utilize the chart editor in Google Sheets to customize charts

Add donut holes and border strokes to pie charts

Slant the labels on the X-axis of a bar chart

Adjust a chart's gridline count and color

Create additional rows and columns

Merge cells in a table

Storage Management & Permissions

Select a new document from a template

Adjust sharing privileges to prevent editors from changing access and adding new people

Disable download, print, and copy options for commenters and viewers

Change storage plans


With over 100 lessons on very focussed topics, this course will save you plenty of time by specifically answering each and every question you could possibly have about this ubiquitous professional software.

Who this course is for:

Business professionals wanting to better understand the capabilities of the software
Computer programmers who want access to Google's free script editor within Google Docs
High school or college students
Anyone considering transitioning to a cloud-based word processor

Master the Google Docs Word Processor | 2020 G 			  		  		  	 			   		  	   		  		  		 			  	 			   		   	  		 			  			     	 			   			  	  		   				 Suite Updates

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