Master React 17 - Getting Started & Must Have Libraries

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Master React 17 - Getting Started & Must Have Libraries

Master React 17 - Getting Started & Must Have Libraries
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Learn to set your starter project with Create-React-App (CRA) with essential must-have libraries

What you'll learn
Getting started with React 17 as professional developer
React 17 minimalistic stand-alone “Hello World”
Learn important concepts to fully understand React
Setting up an opinionated starter CRA professional React 17 project with must-have ReactJS libraries
Learn about React must-know associated libraries

Just a computer

Getting Started & Opinionated Must-Have Essential Libraries

This course serves as the ground school before you get off the ground and start flying with React. It also serves as the road map for many opinionated libraries that are considered, a must-know libraries and can help you expedite your development effort with React as well as turn, React from a simple standalone JavaScript (JS) library into a full-blown framework that can compete with all the top JavaScript frameworks out there, such as: Angular, Vue.js, Svelte, etc.

I want you to have the best startup project and the best foundation. The startup project can serve you as you can copy and re-use it for all React projects, whether you are building a Website or an App or setting up a project for a greenfield project, or migrating to React version 17 you will find this starter project helpful.

Learning and understanding these libraries can help you, not just to expedite building quality software, but it can turn you into a top-grade React developer that can take full advantage of React and associated libraries, as well as help you tackle any size project that comes your way big or small. Additionally, you can speed up development or lend your dream job at the highest pay grade.

In terms of organization. This module is broken down into three subsections:

React minimalistic stand-alone “Hello World”

Create-React-App (CRA) starter project vanilla flavor

React must-know associated libraries

You learn about libraries such as: npm, Yarn, Webpack, npm scripts, TypeScript, Sass/SCSS, Redux Toolkit, Material-UI, Styled Components, Router, Jest & Enzyme, Generate templates, and ESLint & Prettier as well as other useful libraries.

By the end of this module, you will have a top-grade React 17 starter project that includes many of the must-have libraries, as well as a deep understanding of the working pieces of the React technology itself, so you can understand the “why” and have the tools to built top notch software.

Who this course is for:
Beginner React Developers that want to set React with must have libraries
Beginner React Developers that want to master React
React developers look to migrate to React 17 with must have libraries
React developers looking for a React 17 starter project with must have libraries

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Master React 17 - Getting Started & Must Have Libraries