WebdriverIO Beginner to Advanced E2E Framework (Web+API +DB)

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WebdriverIO Beginner to Advanced E2E Framework (Web+API +DB)

WebdriverIO Beginner to Advanced E2E Framework (Web+API +DB)
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Practical guide using Selenium JavaScript or Node.js with WebdriverIO + Cucumber + TypeScript + API + DB + Allure + Git

What you'll learn
Learn JavaScripts basics
Build an integrated test automation framework(Web, API, DB and More) from scratch
Automate E2E tests - not just web
Page object model design pattern
Integrate Cucumber, API, Git and GitHub Actions
Best practices in automating E2E tests
Customise WDIO runner with test scope like smoke & regression. Run mode (foreground or background) and log level
Advanced web interactions such as web table and scrolling
Add additional browser options such as SSL, headless mode, window size..etc
Error handling, debugging and REPL
Manage different environments
Set up logger
Build a global reporter
Run tests in GitHub Actions
Real time use cases and automation approach

None - If you are beginner start from JavaScript for beginner section
What's unique about this course?

Built completely based on REAL TIME PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION & WORKING EXPERIENCE for automating E2E tests

Integrated framework with Web + API + DB + File handling and more with page object design pattern

Using this framework one can confidently build an E2E test framework from ground zero

Uses Async mode which has LONG TERM SUPPORT

Cucumber(BDD), Cross-browser testing and GitHub Actions and more

Logger and global reporter that makes easier to debug and fix tests and produce accurate test report

Tips and tricks to overcome different project implementation challenges

Why Webdriverio?

It's becoming common to adopt to a Node.js based test framework in many organisations due to having "one team one language" concept where most of the modern web and backend services are built using JavaScript and Node.js and therefore there is a flexibility to extend unit tests and integrate with CI/CD pipeline seamlessly - For all these reasons, Webdriver IO is a great choice for automating integration/E2E tests.

WebdriverIO(also known as WDIO) is the established test framework for Node.js. It has got powerful runner that supports Cucumber, Mocha and Jasmine and loaded with many features that makes easier to use.

WDIO can be run on WebDriver or Chrome DevTools Protocol - this means it has a full control over all browser elements to interact with. It is highly extendable that makes easier to automate E2E tests, not just web.

Is automating web application just enough?

It’s hard to find a project that just automates only web applications, the scope of automation is widen to integrate Web with API, database and files and even more. If this is what you are looking for, you have landed in the right place. This course is having everything you need to know to build an highly extensible integrated framework that can accomodate different applications components.

What topics are covered? (All that you need to know work in real projects):


Installation and project set up

Run first webdriverio test

Git Integration

Locator Strategy

Handling Web Elements

Web Advanced Interactions

Browser args and capabilities - USER STORY starts

Run Headless

Run Parallel

Managing different environments

Cucumber Integration

Cucumber Advanced integration

Set up logger


Exception handling

Set up Global Reporter

Framework Building Blocks & Page Object Model

API Testing Integration[ADDONS:You are start building helpers from here]

Build E2E Tests

Cross Browser Testing

CI Integration

DB Integration

JavaScript for beginners (work in progress)

This course is designed such a way that anyone who wants to learn or implement Node.js based E2E test framework in their current role as a QA engineer or Automation tester can build it from scratch.

Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to build a modern nodejs based test framework
Functional testers who want to pursue Automation testing
QA Engineer
Automation Testers
Graduates/Students who want to pursue career in testing