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The Fit for Life Solution

Posted By: Free butterfly
The Fit for Life Solution

The Fit for Life Solution by Harvey Diamond
ISBN: 0938045393 | 336 pages | PDF | March 14, 2002 | English | 2.54 Mb

How to Identify and Successfully Eradicate
The Causes of Pain, Fatigue and Disease— NOW!
Discover the Magical Missing Link to Power Healing—Your own Lymph System
Deluxe Edition of Fit for Life: A New Beginning
Discover incredibly simple ways to eliminate threats to your well being and enjoy amazing, life-long health
Avoid Cancer
Live Pain-Free
Evade Life-Threatening Conditions
Lose Weight and Keep it Off Forever
Bounce with New-Found Energy
Look and Feel Terrific—All the Time
The All-Natural, Drug-Free Way to
A Wonderful Life of Radiant Health
Is it possible to enjoy a life without pain? Without disease? Without obesity? With energy to spare? And all-around vibrant health? The answer is a resounding YES! With Harvey Diamond’s revolutionary new book, THE FIT FOR LIFE SOLUTION, a truly healthy life is yours for the taking.
Discover the simple but astoundingly effective three-step CARE program to:
Easily lose all the weight you want…forever!
Understand and prevent the seven stages of disease
Quickly cleanse your lymph system of the toxins that make you sick
Avoid all cancers with confidence
Always know what’s best to minimize and maximize in your diet
Dramatically boost your energy
Magically eliminate digestive problems, headaches, and other chronic pain

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