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Rebt Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Certificate Course

Posted By: ELK1nG
Rebt Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Certificate Course

Rebt Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Certificate Course
Last updated 12/2022
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Learn/Coach Effective Techniques to Live a Happier More Fulfilled Life Conquer Depression Ease Anxiety and PTSD

What you'll learn

Learn What REBT Is

Learn How To Use REBT Techniques To Improve Your Life

Learn To Overcome Anxiety

Learn To Defeat Depression

Learn To Work Through PTSD

Learn To Change Your Thought Process


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This is a Certificate Course on REBT with CBT to Effectively Change MindsetsChange Your Mindset using REBT; A CBT Approach to REBT CoachingAre you looking for a solution to tackle problems such as Anxiety, Depression, or PTSD?This course offers fast effective solutions to ease anxiety, life depression, and lessen PTSD symptoms.My name is Crystal Hutchinson Tummala.  I was always fascinated by my psychology courses in college.  I was impressed with what I learned about this therapeutic method.  I wanted to share this information, so I created this course.  REBT can change the way you think. In this course you will learn:What REBT IsThe History Of REBTWhat The Process of REBT EntailsHow The REBT Process WorksWhy The REBT Process WorksLearn Practical Exercises So You Can Change Your Thought PatternsLearn To Form New Habits to Create New Thought Patterns If you have been searching for a fast, effective solution to your anxiety, depression, or, PTSD then this is the course for you. Upon completion of the course, you will earn a certificate of completion from Udemy.  If you want a certificate from Pursuing Wisdom Academy, I will issue you one, just ask.This course is backed by a 30-day, risk free, money back guarantee. Enroll today.  Let's get started!  Thank you for exploring this course brought to you by Pursuing Wisdom Academy.Crystal Hutchinson Tummala is a Pennsylvania licensed attorney. She has started several successful businesses and previously had her own law practice.In 2018, Crystal Hutchinson Tummala founded Pursuing Wisdom Academy. The mission of Pursuing Wisdom Academy is to assist you with the achievement of your goals.The library of courses offered by Pursuing Wisdom Academy is ever increasing and covers topics including Entrepreneurship, Course Creation, Life Coaching, Relationship Courses, Job Searching, Motivation, Grief and Bereavement, Contract and Legal Issues, as well as courses related to Spirituality. Crystal constantly researches various educational platforms and looks for areas where she can create additional courses that would benefit her growing student base.She is humbled and grateful to have over 84,000 students in 190 countries.The courses only require access to the Internet and a phone or computer to view the videos. If you are eager to learn and apply the lessons taught in the courses, you will excel.


Section 1: Promo

Lecture 1 Coaching; REBT; Introduction Course Promo

Lecture 2 Coaching; REBT; Lecture One Welcome To The Course

Lecture 3 Coaching; REBT; What Does REBT Stand For?

Lecture 4 Coaching; REBT; Lecture Two Intro To REBT Terminology

Lecture 5 Coaching; REBT; What Is A Limiting Belief

Lecture 6 Coaching; REBT; Where Do Limiting Beliefs Come From?

Lecture 7 Coaching; REBT; Spotting A Limiting Belief Mindset

Lecture 8 Coaching; REBT; What Does REBT Therapy Look Like

Lecture 9 Coaching; REBT; Lecture 5 Intertwined Wheel

Lecture 10 Coaching; REBT; REBT Beliefs And Achievements Mindset

Section 2: Section 1

Lecture 11 Coaching; REBT; Make Better Observations

Lecture 12 Coaching; REBT; Thought Chart

Lecture 13 Coaching; REBT; REBT Elimination

Lecture 14 Coaching; REBT; Lecture 11 Bias

Lecture 15 Coaching; REBT; Childhood Limiting Beliefs

Lecture 16 Coaching; REBT; Lecture 13 How To Use REBT

Lecture 17 Coaching; REBT; Lecture 14 Coping Statements

Lecture 18 Coaching; REBT; Enjoy The Little Things

Lecture 19 Coaching; REBT; REBT Exterminate

Lecture 20 Coaching; REBT; Lecture 16 Avoid Negativity

Lecture 21 Coaching; REBT; HALT Activity

Lecture 22 Coaching; REBT; See Things Less Black and White

Lecture 23 Coaching; REBT; Rejuvenate When You Need To

Lecture 24 Coaching; REBT; Coping Plan

Lecture 25 Coaching; REBT; Reshaping Beliefs

Lecture 26 Coaching; REBT; How To Change A Mindset

Lecture 27 Coaching; REBT; Enjoyment List

Lecture 28 Coaching; REBT; Lecture 18 Guided Imagery

Lecture 29 Coaching; REBT; Moving Forward Not Looking Back

Lecture 30 Coaching; REBT; MANTRAS for you

Lecture 31 Coaching; REBT; REBT Confidence Building Activity

Lecture 32 Coaching; REBT; Self Care

Lecture 33 Coaching; REBT; Mindfulness Exercise For You

Lecture 34 Coaching; REBT; REBT Confidence Building 2

Lecture 35 Coaching; REBT; Positive Affirmations

Lecture 36 Coaching; REBT; REBT Ongoing Care

Lecture 37 Coaching; REBT; Things You Can Control

Lecture 38 Coaching; REBT; Set Up Routine

Lecture 39 Coaching; REBT; Connect With Higher Power

Lecture 40 Coaching; REBT; REBT Self Acceptance

Lecture 41 Coaching; REBT; TIPP Technique

Lecture 42 Coaching; REBT; Essential Oils and Benefits

Lecture 43 Coaching; REBT; How To Get Closure In A Relationship

Lecture 44 Current Events

Lecture 45 Lecture 19 Course Conclusion

Lecture 46 Bonus Lecture

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