Meridee Winters Note Quest

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Meridee Winters Note Quest

Meridee Winters Note Quest (Piano Game Book): Note Reading Drills and Activities (Meridee Winters Game Book Series) by Meridee Winters
English | September 1, 2018 | ISBN: 1943821577 | 92 pages | PDF | 36 Mb

Created by the creator/director of a successful Philadelphia music school, Note Quest has been used and tested by over 10,000 students. Meridee Winters Note Quest (Piano Game Book): Note Reading Drills and Activities is an innovative music education tool that features pages of vibrant, effective and FUN note reading games. These activities are great way to strengthen note reading and sight reading skills, since students are drilling and internalizing notes while focusing on specific hand positions, intervals, ledger lines and more. This book can be used by independent learners or by teachers as a fun and powerful lesson tool.
Each playful, space-themed game can be used in a variety of ways, from timing yourself on the page and trying the beat a previous record to searching the page for each occurrence of a specific note. See the table of contents for more great ways to play, or invent your own. Note Quest also includes templates for creating your own games, which you can custom tailor to you or your students’ needs.
About the Meridee Winters Music Method:
Founded by a former school teacher, Meridee Winters, the Meridee Winters Music Method was created as a solution to a problem: that lesson and exercise books teach at the “rote and recall” level, with little room for creativity. There is also a need for great music materials for learners of all styles, including gifted learners, young learners, ADHD, students that fall on the autism spectrum, those with dyslexia, ants-in-their-pants and more. The Meridee Winters Music Method tackles all of these complex needs with playful, progress-boosting books and activities.
Organize, create and supercharge your piano lessons with this innovative book, part of the Meridee Winters “Whole Brain” approach to music education and a great supplement to any series.