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Master Digital Photography For Dslr Photography Beginners

Posted By: ELK1nG
Master Digital Photography For Dslr Photography Beginners

Master Digital Photography For Dslr Photography Beginners
Last updated 5/2022
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DSLR Photography course for beginners. Perfect for all photography levels: Beginner - Advanced | Photography Lighting

What you'll learn
Don't take my word for it… You will learn why students love this course… just read the testimonials below.
You will learn photography by doing… projects included to help you learn photography faster = satisfied photography student!
You will learn how to use your camera, capture Light for your creative vision, use Composition to take your creativity up a notch, and much more
You will learn how to ditch Auto & shoot in Manual Mode = impress your family & friends
You will learn what an Aperture is and how to use it for your creative vision = awesome photography your family and friends will be envious of.
You will learn what the Shutter Speed is AND how to use it for your creative vision = awesome photography your family and friends will be envious of.
You will learn what the ISO is AND how to use it for your creative vision = awesome photography your family and friends will be envious of.
You will learn the Exposure Triangle and it's limitations
You will learn the missing element in the Exposure Triangle
You will learn the accurate and technical aspects of ISO = impress your family + friends
You will learn 2 analogies to better understand Exposure = clarity about capturing the proper exposure in-camera
You will learn about the built in light meter (in your camera) = fast, accurate, perfect exposures in-camera
You will learn about the exposure indicator scale and how to use for getting a good exposure = take your creative vision to the next level
You will learn the 15 steps to take to setup your photography business = taught by a 30 year photography pro!
A DSLR will be best. However, a lot of the knowledge can be applied to any type of camera… included smart phones.
A desire to learn the craft of photography. This isn't a snapshot course. You'll need to practice what you learn.
DSLR Photography course for beginners masterclass. Perfect for all photography levels: Beginner-Advanced + Photography Lighting.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Why should you take this photography course vs. others? Well, let my students tell you why…///// WOW! This first testimonial (for this photography course) gave me goosebumps… *****"I found that this photography course is quite in-depth for what I need at this point in time. I have now got a new found love for taking photos. Everywhere I go my camera goes and I am always looking at everything and anything from different angles to take a pic of. I never thought I would say this, but I now think that I want to start a photography business. I have always wanted to do something that I enjoy but have never found it, doing this photography course has made me see the light. It won't happen right away as I have much more to learn but it will happen and I will enjoy it. Thank you so much, Chris, for what you have taught many of us including me. You have made a massive impact on my life with what I have learned and now enjoy."~ Kelly Tait_________________________*****"Chris Parker is very easy to understand. He clearly explains difficult concepts with real-life comparisons. He organized this photography course very well and uses excellent visual aids and provides beautifully designed handouts to download. There is no wasted time in this course. Sometimes instructors ramble on, but not Chris. It is obvious he put a lot of thought into what he wanted to cover in each section. He stays on track and is engaging. He responds very quickly to QA section. He is very professional."~ Dawn Lundblad_________________________*****"This is a great photography course whether you are a beginner or a semi beginner with some knowledge just needing a refresher course. It has lots of information not only provided but more importantly it is explained."~ David Cangiolisi_________________________*****"It is going to help me tremendously. Already understanding things now that I couldn’t before. YEAH!"~ Sheryl Sullivan _________________________*****"I enjoyed Chris Parker's Photography 101 course. While I do not consider myself a beginner, I did want to take a refresher and review some basic concepts that I never truly understood. Mr. Parker is a great instructor as he explains and illustrates the basic principles of photography clearly and concisely. I learned so much and gained the confidence to shoot if full manual mode. I look forward to taking more of his courses in the future!"~ Joan DeMarco_________________________*****"The best explanation I have ever had! The best lesson!" ?~ Kenny Chun*****"I like the level of depth he goes into but also explains it clearly not assuming prior knowledge."~ Ben Rae*****"This is a great photography course whether you are a beginner or a semi-beginner with some knowledge just needing a refresher course. It has lots of information not only provided but more importantly it is explained. Chris Parker made this course / lesson not only easy to follow and understand but very educational. It kept your interest all through the entire course."~ David Cangiolosi____________________________________________________________________________________________________Hello & welcome to my Photography for beginners and aspiring pros.  My name is Chris Parker and I've been a pro photographer for 30 years.  Take your photography skills to the next level and take better photos with this photography 101 course.Photography is an art form and you'll learn the secret to taking better photos, every time.  Learn from a 30 year photography pro and discover my creative process for capturing stunning images.  It doesn't matter what type of photography you're interested in.  The photography techniques you'll learn can be applied to any type of photography; landscape, weddings, newborn, commercial, product, food, portrait photography and much more.  Or maybe you just want to be able to take better photos on your next vacation? You definitely will, once you learn the exact techniques I use.  Plus, you'll learn real-world advice for deciding on the approach you want for YOUR creative vision.  Watch in-studio and on-location photography shoots and see my creative process in action… and I explain everything during the process too.  We'll then study the images to help re-enforce what you learn.Here's a (huge) list of all things you'll learn…Photography DSLR FUNdamentals.  Fundamentals don't have to be boring.  Understanding the fundamentals is key for a solid foundation in building your photography skills.Get ready to take your photography skills to the next level with Exposure.  In part 1, you'll learn the basics of each component that makes up the exposure.  You'll even learn something that is being mis-taught by other instructors.  In part 2 of exposure, we'll take a deep dive into the Aperture.  Includes in-depth explanations to help you finally understand Aperture and all those pesky numbers.  You'll finally know which Aperture does what for your creative vision.  In part 3 of exposure, we'll now take a deep dive into the Shutter Speed.  You'll learn the creative options this camera setting provides, when to use a tripod (to avoid camera shake), how to freeze the action or create silky smooth water.In part 4 of exposure, we'll explore the ISO.  You'll learn all about the good and bad of this camera setting, how it actually works and when you might need to adjust this camera setting.The next two tutorials include my secret weapon and an often overlooked camera setting.  You'll learn how to use the secret weapon for perfect exposures.  Which means you'll be able to take back creative control from your camera and manually set your settings for the exact type of photo you want.  Simple and easy with this tool.  Guaranteed.  Next, you'll learn how to see light in a way you've never done before.  This too will help you creatively and save you time while editing in Lightroom or Photoshop (or any other software).Next, we'll take all that information and bring it together in a live studio demonstration.  We'll go over every camera setting we've learned and trouble shoot how to choose which one.  Then, we'll bring those photos into Lightroom to see how our selections effect the creative outcome.  Plus, I'll share additional photography examples of what you learned.It's now time to venture outside for another photography demonstration.  I'll share with you my creative decision process for choosing specific camera settings. We'll then bring those images into Lightroom for comparison.Finally, you'll learn how I edit images in Lightroom.  Plus, we'll take one of the outdoor shots and do a complete Classic Edit.  Plus, I'll provide some additional pro editing tips too.And you'll learn much more in this photography course…Get to know your camera…Getting to know the basics of your cameraFocusing Modes - which ones to use and whyShooting Modes - which ones to use and whyDrive Modes - when and why to use which onesQuality Modes - what they are and my recommend modeMetering Modes - the basics (explained in detail in the Exposure section)White Balance - what it is and my recommendationGet to know your photography lenses…New vs. Old - should you buy new or used?  Find out.Off Brand vs. Name Brand - should you buy name brand or Sigma, Tamron, etc..?  Find out.Parts of lenses - the different parts of your lensFocal length - learn what it isWhen to use which lens - learn to use which focal length whenCropped sensor - learn what it is and how to determine which lens to buyTypes of lenses - learn the different types of lensesPrime lenses - learn why this is my favorite type of lensZoom lenses - learn about the different types of zoom lensesMacro lenses - learn which one you should buy and whyFish eye lenses - learn why I returned this lensTilt/Shift lenses - learn how to use this lens for creativity and/or for architectureLens Baby lenses - learn about this cool, creative lens optionMaster & understand light…What is light & where does it come fromDo you really know what light is?Visible light spectrumHow your eyes see things and how they have colorHow your eyes see light vs. your cameraThe 3 behaviors of lightTones & dynamic rangesHDR photography basicsUnderstand the 4 types of contrastLearn the 4 characteristics of lightMaster your camera settings to ditch auto & shoot  manually…Learn the exposure triangle and the missing elementMaster aperture for full creative controlMaster shutter speed for another creative optionTruly understand and master ISO for achieving your creative visionUnderstand exposure and why it’s important to nail in-cameraLearn 2 analogies (better than the exposure triangle) to help you master the 3 camera settings to shoot manuallyLearn a built-in (in your camera) secret tool to help you shoot manually and nail your exposure in-cameraLearn about the exposure value and how to use for perfect exposuresComposition…Learn what composition is and meansLearn how to improve your photography with pro composition techniquesLearn what the "rule of thirds" is and how to use it for better compositionsthe different elements that help with compositionAspect Ratio essentialsthe 7 "Ingredients" of Compositionand much moreI'll share with you everything you need to know about shooting manually.  By the end of this course, you'll be able to ditch Auto and shoot in Manual Mode.This photography course will start off with the basics of photography;  Understanding the Exposure Triangle.  We'll also go beyond the "triangle" and learn about it's limitations and why it's so complicated.  Next up, learning about what an Aperture is, Shutter Speed and (the accurate and semi-technical - that most people don't teach - explanation of) ISO.Then, you'll learn an easier way to understand (photography) Exposure (say good-bye to the Exposure Triangle) with 2 different analogies.  At this point, you'll almost be ready to start shooting manually.  But first, you'll learn about a cool tool in your camera - the Light Meter.  Plus, you'll learn about the Exposure Indicator (and EV).  Both will help you nail your Exposure in-camera.  Which will help elevate your photography skills to the next level.Once you've reached this point of the photography course, you'll begin practicing what you've learned: in Manual Mode!Throughout this photography classroom, there will be additional projects and supporting documents to help you understand (and retain) what you've learned about taking awesome photos.Photography course for photography beginners & aspiring pros.  Learn full creative photography control from a pro.


Section 1: About This Photography Course

Lecture 1 Quick Intro to Course

Lecture 2 How To Get the Most Out Of This Class

Lecture 3 140 Photography Terms You Should Know

Lecture 4 Join the Official Student Photography Group

Section 2: Photography Quick Start Guide

Lecture 5 Great Photography Starts With…

Lecture 6 Getting Started With This Section

Lecture 7 Intro

Lecture 8 DSLR Fundamentals

Lecture 9 Exposure Part 1

Lecture 10 Exposure Part 2

Lecture 11 Exposure Part 3

Lecture 12 Exposure Part 4

Lecture 13 Light Meter

Lecture 14 White Balance

Lecture 15 In-Studio Demonstration

Lecture 16 Outdoor Demonstration

Lecture 17 Lightroom Edit

Section 3: Photography Equipment: Your Camera

Lecture 18 About This Section

Lecture 19 Getting to Know Your Camera Overview

Lecture 20 The Basics of Your Camera

Lecture 21 Photography Focusing & Modes

Lecture 22 Photography Shooting Modes

Lecture 23 Drive Modes

Lecture 24 Photography Quality Modes

Lecture 25 Photography Metering Modes

Lecture 26 White Balance Modes

Section 4: Photography Equipment: Your Lenses

Lecture 27 Old vs. New

Lecture 28 Name Brand vs. Off-Brand

Lecture 29 The Parts of Your Lenses

Lecture 30 Lens Focal Length

Lecture 31 Guide To Know When to Use Which Lens When

Lecture 32 About Your Cameras Cropped Sensor

Lecture 33 Types of Lenses

Lecture 34 Prime Lenses

Lecture 35 Zoom Lenses

Lecture 36 Macro Lenses

Lecture 37 Fish Eye Lenses

Lecture 38 Tilt Shift Lenses

Lecture 39 Lens Baby Lenses

Section 5: Photography | Master Light

Lecture 40 What is the True Meaning of Photography

Lecture 41 Do You Know Where Light Comes From?

Lecture 42 Do You Really Know What Light Is?

Lecture 43 What Is the True Visible Light Spectrum?

Lecture 44 How Your Eyes See Light vs. Your Digital Camera (or film… if you shoot film)

Lecture 45 How Your Eyes See Objects and Why They Have Color

Lecture 46 3 Main Behaviors of Light

Lecture 47 Reflection - Learn How the 1st Behavior of Light Effects Your Photography

Lecture 48 Absorption - Learn How the 2nd Behavior of Light Effects Your Photography

Lecture 49 Transmission - Learn How the 3rd Behavior of Light Effects Your Photography

Lecture 50 Learn All About the Tones & Dynamic Range In Photography

Lecture 51 Learn the Basics of HDR Photography

Lecture 52 Learn How Contrast Is Used In Photography

Lecture 53 Learn the 4 Characteristics of Light in Photography

Lecture 54 Learn About the Quality of Light & How To Use in Photography

Lecture 55 Learn About the Intensity of Light & How To Use in Photography

Lecture 56 Learn About the Color of Light & How To Use in Photography

Lecture 57 Learn About the Direction of Light & How To Use in Photography

Section 6: Photography Exposure - Master & Ditch Auto

Lecture 58 About This Section

Lecture 59 the Photography Exposure Triangle - Part 1

Lecture 60 the Photography Exposure Triangle - Part 2

Lecture 61 the Aperture

Lecture 62 the Aperture Project

Lecture 63 the Shutter Speed

Lecture 64 the Shutter Speed Project

Lecture 65 the ISO

Lecture 66 the ISO Project

Lecture 67 Understanding Exposure

Lecture 68 the Photography Exposure Analogy 1

Lecture 69 the Photography Exposure Analogy 2

Lecture 70 the Light Meter

Lecture 71 Exposure Indicator + EV

Lecture 72 Exposure Indicator + Light Meter Project

Lecture 73 Manual Mode Project

Section 7: Photography Composition

Lecture 74 What is Composition in Photography

Lecture 75 Viewfinder Limitations

Lecture 76 Aspect Ratio - Essential to Your Photography Composition

Lecture 77 the "Ingredients" of Composition for Photography

Lecture 78 Photography Composition (Ingredient) Element 1

Lecture 79 Photography Composition (Ingredient) Element 2

Lecture 80 Photography Composition Element (Ingredient) 3

Lecture 81 Photography Composition Element (Ingredient) 4

Lecture 82 Photography Composition Element (Ingredient) 5

Lecture 83 Photography Composition Element (Ingredient) 6

Lecture 84 Photography Composition Element (Ingredient) 7

Lecture 85 Photography Composition Element (Ingredient) 8

Lecture 86 Photography Composition Element (Ingredient) 9

Lecture 87 Photography Composition Element (Ingredient) 10

Lecture 88 Photography Composition Element (Ingredient) 11 - Patterns (september)

Lecture 89 Photography Composition Element (Ingredient) 13 - movement - october

Lecture 90 Photography Composition Element (Ingredient) 14, expression, november

Lecture 91 Photography Composition Element (Ingredient) 15, pose, december

Lecture 92 Rule of Thirds in Photography

Section 8: Wedding Photography - Zero to Profits

Lecture 93 What Type of Photography?

Lecture 94 Business Name Part 1

Lecture 95 Business Name Part 2

Lecture 96 Branding

Lecture 97 Logo

Lecture 98 Business Legal Structure

Lecture 99 Sales Tax

Lecture 100 Checking Account?

Lecture 101 Merchant Account

Lecture 102 To Be or Not To Be a Bookkeeper?

Lecture 103 Associations

Lecture 104 MUST Have Insurance

Lecture 105 Office

Lecture 106 the Contract

Lecture 107 Pricing Strategies

Lecture 108 Pricing for Profit Formula

Lecture 109 Pricing Models

Lecture 110 Domain Name + Website

Lecture 111 Tips For Your Web Pages

Lecture 112 SEO

Lecture 113 Build Your Portfolio… FAST!

Lecture 114 Social Media

Lecture 115 Network

Lecture 116 Word of Mouth - Positive or Negative? It's Up To YOU

Lecture 117 Marketing Through Associations

Lecture 118 Online Advertising

Lecture 119 Sales Consult

Lecture 120 Follow Up

Lecture 121 the Contract + Deposit

Lecture 122 Paid in Full?

Lecture 123 Pre-Wedding Consultation

Lecture 124 Inspirational Prep

Lecture 125 Final Prep

Lecture 126 Download Photo Checklist

Lecture 127 Arrive…

Lecture 128 Getting Ready - the Bride Part 1

Lecture 129 Getting Ready - the Bride Part 2

Lecture 130 Getting Ready - the Bride Part 3

Lecture 131 Getting Ready - the Bride Part 4

Lecture 132 Getting Ready - the Bride Part 5

Lecture 133 Getting Ready - the Groom Part 1

Lecture 134 Getting Ready - the Groom Part 2

Lecture 135 Pre-Ceremony Part 1

Lecture 136 Pre-Ceremony Part 2

Lecture 137 Pre-Ceremony Part 3

Lecture 138 Processional Part 1

Lecture 139 Processional Part 2

Lecture 140 Ceremony Part 1

Lecture 141 Ceremony Part 2

Lecture 142 Recessional

Lecture 143 Family Photos Part 1

Lecture 144 Family Photos Part 2

Lecture 145 Wedding Party

Lecture 146 the Couples Photo Shoot - Part 1

Lecture 147 the Couples Photo Shoot - Part 2

Lecture 148 the Couples Photo Shoot - Part 3

Lecture 149 the Couples Photo Shoot - Part 4

Lecture 150 the Couples Photo Shoot - Part 5

Lecture 151 Reception Part 1

Lecture 152 Reception Part 2

Lecture 153 Reception Part 3

Lecture 154 Reception Part 4

Section 9: Bonus

Lecture 155 Bonus

New + advanced photographers that want to learn how to properly set Exposure… in-camera, i.e., how to shoot in manual mode for full creative control.,New + advanced photographers that would like to learn the Exposure Triangle, and it's limitations.,New + advanced photographers that would like to learn an alternative to the Exposure Triangle,New + advanced photographers that would like to ditch Auto & shoot in Manual Mode,New + advanced photographers that would like to elevate their photography skills,New + advanced + advanced photographers that would like to be MORE than just another photographer,New + advanced photographers that would like to master Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO for maximum creativity