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The Ultimate Guide To The Gopro Hero 12

Posted By: ELK1nG
The Ultimate Guide To The Gopro Hero 12

The Ultimate Guide To The Gopro Hero 12
Published 11/2023
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920x1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 5.66 GB | Duration: 4h 6m

Go From Beginner To Expert With Thee GoPro Hero 12

What you'll learn

How to use the GoPro Hero 12

The best settings for Video, Photo and Time Lapse

Basic composition, storytelling and mountaing

Editing using the Free GoPro Quik App




Embark on an exhilarating journey to unleash the full potential of your GoPro Hero 12 with a course led by a seasoned adventurer and former member of the GoPro Media Team! Dive into the heart of action sports and adventure filmmaking as you discover the secrets behind capturing breathtaking moments.Unleash the power of your GoPro by unraveling the mysteries of its settings and modes tailored for every scenario. From mastering the art of GoPro mounting to delving into the realms of photography, videography, and video editing, this course is your gateway to becoming a GoPro virtuoso.Decode the enigma of each mode and setting, understanding the nuances of when, where, and why to deploy them. Skillfully navigate through mode selection, resolution choices, frame rates, and aspect ratios to craft dynamic footage that stands out.Become the master of HyperSmooth stabilization, Smart Capture settings, and horizon leveling, transforming your videos into seamless cinematic experiences. Elevate your creativity with captivating time lapses, TimeWarps, and night lapses that defy the boundaries of ordinary storytelling.Unlock the professional realm with ProTune settings and Presets, creating visuals that rival top-level productions. Explore the vast array of unique photo modes, from Raw to Super and HDR photos, capturing moments with unparalleled clarity.Discover the best mounts for unprecedented angles in various sports, adding a dynamic dimension to your footage. Immerse yourself in the art of photography and filmmaking, honing your composition and framing skills to create visually stunning content.Demystify the elements of storytelling and video editing with insights into basic story structure and the four building blocks of a GoPro edit. Craft a strategic shot list for your filming day, ensuring you capture every thrilling moment.Experience the magic of editing as you learn to weave together videos with music, graphics, and slow-motion effects using the GoPro App. In just ten minutes, download footage directly to your phone and transform it into exciting, fun edits that leave a lasting impression.With over 3 hours of captivating video content featuring examples from professional productions with top-level athletes, this course is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your GoPro Hero 11. Led by an action sports/adventure filmmaker, the author of the Ultimate Guide to GoPro book series, and a former GoPro employee, you're in expert hands to elevate your filming skills to new heights. Get ready to capture the extraordinary and make your moments legendary!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Getting Started With The GoPro Hero 12

Lecture 2 What Come In The Box

Lecture 3 Basic Functionality

Lecture 4 Updating The Camera's Firmware

Lecture 5 Basic Functionality 2

Lecture 6 Pro Vs Easy Controls

Lecture 7 Quick Preferences

Lecture 8 Preferences

Lecture 9 GoPro Quik App

Section 3: Video

Lecture 10 Video Easy Controls

Lecture 11 Video Profile

Lecture 12 Video Resolutions

Lecture 13 Frame Rate

Lecture 14 Aspect Ratio

Lecture 15 Field Of View

Lecture 16 My Favorite Settings

Lecture 17 Hypersmooth

Lecture 18 Vertical Video

Lecture 19 Smart Capture

Lecture 20 Voice Control

Lecture 21 ProTune

Lecture 22 Presets

Lecture 23 My Video Presets

Section 4: Time Lapse

Lecture 24 Standard Time Lapse

Lecture 25 Time Warp

Lecture 26 Night Lapse

Lecture 27 Night Lapse Presets

Lecture 28 Shooting Time Lapses

Lecture 29 Time Lapse Presets

Section 5: Photo

Lecture 30 Photo Easy Controls

Lecture 31 Single Photo

Lecture 32 Photo Interval

Lecture 33 Burst Photo

Lecture 34 Night Photo

Lecture 35 Photo ProTune

Lecture 36 Photo Presets

Section 6: Mounting

Lecture 37 Mounting

Lecture 38 Sticky Mount

Lecture 39 3 Way

Lecture 40 Head Strap

Lecture 41 Chest Mount

Lecture 42 Bar Mounts

Lecture 43 Handler

Lecture 44 El Grande

Lecture 45 Jaws

Lecture 46 Mini Tripods

Lecture 47 Hand Strap

Lecture 48 Extensions and Twists

Lecture 49 Unicorn Mount

Lecture 50 Creative Extensions

Lecture 51 Spinny Mount

Lecture 52 Mouth Mount

Lecture 53 Backpack Mount

Lecture 54 Dome Port

Lecture 55 Aerial

Lecture 56 Max Lens Mod

Lecture 57 Gumby

Lecture 58 GoPro Accessories

Section 7: Getting Amazing Shots

Lecture 59 Pre-Filming Checklist

Lecture 60 Composition

Lecture 61 Light

Lecture 62 Story

Lecture 63 Uniqueness

Section 8: Storytelling

Lecture 64 Storytelling

Lecture 65 A Shot Vs B Shot

Lecture 66 Building Blocks Of A Story

Section 9: GoPro Quik App

Lecture 67 Edit A Single Clip

Lecture 68 Make A Full Edit

Lecture 69 Livestreaming

Lecture 70 GoPro Subscription

Lecture 71 GoPro Labs

Section 10: Final Thoughts

Lecture 72 Final Thoughs

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