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Jolly Phonics - A Complete Guide

Posted By: ELK1nG
Jolly Phonics - A Complete Guide

Jolly Phonics - A Complete Guide
Last updated 6/2022
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Introduction to Jolly Phonics

What you'll learn
The strategies to teach young learners Jolly Phonics
What is Jolly Phonics?
What are tricky words ? How to teach them?
Jolly Phonics course will help you understand how to teach all the 42 letter sounds, the alternatives and the tricky words.
All the 42 letter sounds, 42 songs , 42 actions, 26 letter formations will be taught and you will learn how to teach them as well.
Letter formation of all the 42 letter sounds.
Laptop or mobile phone
Anybody can go through this course
What is Jolly Phonics?Jolly Phonics is a world-leading English literacy method that teaches children how to read and write using phonics.Phonics is the teaching of the sounds that letters make, rather than the names of letters that are taught in the alphabet, because it is the sounds that are useful for reading and writing, not the names. These sounds are taught in a systematic way, alongside all of the skills needed for being a fluent reader and writer. Jolly Phonics also teaches all of this in a fun and engaging way, through characters, stories, actions, songs and games!The 5 Skills Taught Through Jolly PhonicsLettersoundsChildren are taught the sounds that the different letters name, and not the names of the letters. In Jolly Phonics, 42 different sounds are taught.FormationChildren are taught how to form (write) letters using a pencil. They are taught the “froggy legs” pencil grip to ensure that they have neat writing.BlendingChildren are taught how to blend individual sounds together in order to read full words. For example, “s” + “a” + “t” = sat. Lots of blending practice builds reading fluency.SegmentingChildren are taught how to hear the individual sounds in full words so that they can break them down to write and spell them correctly. For example, hen = “h” + “e” + “n”Tricky WordsSome words do not follow the sound rules. Children are taught these words separately, alongside strategies to remember them. For example, “the” and “she”.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Jolly Phonics

Section 2: How to teach letter formation?

Lecture 2 Correct Letter Formation

Section 3: 8 Steps to teach letter sounds

Lecture 3 8 Steps to teach letter sounds

Section 4: 42 letter sounds

Lecture 4 Actions & sounds of all the 42 letter sounds

Section 5: How to teach tricky words?

Lecture 5 How & when to introduce Tricky words?

Section 6: Step by step guide to teach letter sounds - s a t i

Lecture 6 Step by step guide to teach letter sounds s a t i

English Teachers, Kindergarten Teachers, Primary Teachers, parents, mothers, grandparents, English Learners .,Jolly Phonics is recommended for teachers teaching other subjects in English.,It is recommended for those learning English.,It is recommended for those aspiring to speak English the right way - using the right pronunciation.,This course will be helpful for parents of kids aged between 3 - 10 years who are learning to read and write.