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Html5 Crash Course- From Basics To Advanced Level [2022]

Posted By: ELK1nG
Html5 Crash Course- From Basics To Advanced Level [2022]

Html5 Crash Course- From Basics To Advanced Level [2022]
Last updated 9/2022
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Language: English | Size: 1.95 GB | Duration: 3h 30m

Learn all concepts of HTML5 (with hands-on assignments and projects.) The modern HTML5 course for everyone!

What you'll learn
Understand all html tags to build website
The ability to read, write and understand HTML: The structure behind every website
The ability to create your own website with using HTML.. from scratch!
Learn how to use and apply concepts Class, Id and Layouts.
No programming skill is required
Are you a beginner? Do you want to learn web development but do not have any idea where to start?If yes, then this is THE perfect course for you. In the HTML course, you will learn all the concepts of HTML5, starting from its history to its modern structure. We will cover all the tags which are most widely used in the world of web development. Simultaneously, we will show you some of the best practices of code-writing in HTML5.This HTML course will be beneficial for all who are looking to start their career in the web development field and aspire to become a Frontend or Full-stack web developer. This HTML course will be the first step towards your goal to become a web developer. This course is about teaching you proper HTML and HTML5. HTML is the structure behind every web page and you cannot create a website without using HTML, including mobile websites and cross-platform compatible HTML5 apps.100% of all web development jobs require HTML knowledge. This course will take you from complete beginner to expert level.This course provides an in-depth look at the fundamentals of coding in HTML and HTML5. We start with exploring HTML Development using some of the most commonly used tags and attributes and best code editor that you need to have. Anyone who wants to learn HTML, Basic Html Document Structure, HTML Head Tags, HTML Title Tags , HTML Lines , Comments tags, HTML Paragraph, Line Break tags, HTML Text Formatting Tags, HTML Elements, HTML Attributes Tags, HTML Image Tags, HTML List tags,  HTML Link Tag, HTML Inline , Block Elements, HTML Form, HTML5, HTML5 Content Model, HTML5 Structure, HTML5 Media Tags - Audio, HTML5 Media Tags - Video, HTML5 Form can enroll this course.I've also designed this course in a special way to prepare you for the real world. We'll look at real life HTML code, learn how to write HTML from scratch and how to "hack" up the source code of a website.In this course you will learn everything you need to know about HTML and HTML5. You will become n expert in just a few hours!Why would you consider taking this course?If you have an idea, want to start a company or just want to make websites for fun, this course is for you. This Ultimate  HTML Course 2022 gives you all the HTML skills you will need to succeed as a web developer.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What you learn from this course-Course introduction

Lecture 2 What is HTML, why we learn it and how it works

Lecture 3 The best code editors for developers

Lecture 4 Basic structure of an HTML document

Section 2: HTML Basics

Lecture 5 HTML page structure-html head tag and its components

Lecture 6 basic building blocks of HTML document-HTML Elements

Lecture 7 basic building blocks of HTML document-HTML Tags

Lecture 8 basic building blocks of HTML document-HTML Attribute

Lecture 9 HTML5 - Adding Heading in a Web page

Lecture 10 HTML5 - Paragraph tag in html

Lecture 11 HTML5 - Adding Images in a Web page

Lecture 12 HTML5 Inline and Block Level Elements

Lecture 13 HTML 5- Adding Hyperlinks in a Web page

Section 3: HTML Lists

Lecture 14 HTML5 - Creating Unordered Lists

Lecture 15 HTML5 - Creating Ordered Lists

Lecture 16 HTML5 - Creating Description Lists

Section 4: HTML5 - Adding Styles and Formatting HTML Elements

Lecture 17 introduction about css

Lecture 18 HTML Styling method-three types of CSS

Lecture 19 Inline CSS.

Lecture 20 Internal CSS

Lecture 21 External CSS

Section 5: Non-Semantic Elements and Semantic Elements in HTML5

Lecture 22 Non-Semantic Elements in HTML5

Section 6: HTML5 Tables

Lecture 23 HTML Table Basics

Lecture 24 Merge Table Cells in HTML

Lecture 25 Add Background Image on HTML Table

Section 7: HTML forms

Lecture 26 HTML - Introduction to Forms

Lecture 27 HTML Forms-different types of inputs

Lecture 28 HTML Form-choosing between a set of options

Section 8: Embed Multimedia

Lecture 29 HTML5-Adding Audios to the Webpage

Lecture 30 HTML - Adding Videos in a Webpage

Section 9: HTML5 Special Character

Lecture 31 HTML5 Special Character

Section 10: Final Project

Lecture 32 Project

The Complete HTML Course from biginners to advanced level