Explorer's Guide to the Semantic Web [Repost]

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Explorer's Guide to the Semantic Web [Repost]

Explorer's Guide to the Semantic Web by Thomas B Passin
English | March 1, 2004 | ISBN: 1932394206 | 300 pages | PDF | 4.72 MB

Written for developers and programmers, this guide acquaints users with the basic technologies and their interrelations that will be instrumental in the development of the Semantic Web. Key technology areas are covered, such as knowledge modeling (RDF, Topic Maps), agents (DAML, FIPA), and Trust and Authentication. This broad introduction takes a basic conceptual approach so that developers and programmers with a wide range of backgrounds understand the essential nature of the Semantic Web, how it works, and which technologies are being used or proposed for the Semantic Web's development. Important points are illustrated with diagrams and code fragments to help develop a familiarity with the latest Semantic Web initiatives.