Field Expedient SDR: Basic Analog Radio

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Field Expedient SDR: Basic Analog Radio

Field Expedient SDR: Basic Analog Radio by Paul Clark
English | ISBN: 153700252X | 212 pages | EPUB | July 15, 2016 | 45 Mb

Note: There are two versions of this book, one with full-color illustrations, the other with interior images in black and white. This is the black and white edition.

Software Defined Radios are revolutionizing wireless communications, but getting started can be a challenge. Much of the available SDR training veers either towards highly mathematical engineering classes or radio cookbooks with little explanation for the steps taken.

This book builds on the first volume in the series, providing you both a deeper and broader understanding of gnuradio and analog radio design. Through a series of hands-on exercises, you'll learn:

to build and operate an FM radio using real SDR hardware
to use more powerful and complex gnuradio blocks
about SDR architecture and how it applies on a practical level
what kinds of antennas and peripherals you'll need in your SDR toolkit
key SDR and radio terms and how they impact your radios
This second volume of our Field Expedient SDR series will take you from being an SDR novice to someone capable of building intermediate-level analog radios. You'll also be ready to dive into the digital wireless technologies covered by the third book in our series.