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Investing With Exchange Traded Funds Made Easy

Posted By: step778
Investing With Exchange Traded Funds Made Easy

Marvin Appel, "Investing With Exchange Traded Funds Made Easy: Higher Returns With Lower Costs-do It Yourself Strategies Without Paying Fund Managers"
English | 2006 | pages: 273 | ISBN: 0131869736 | PDF | 1,5 mb

“Do not hesitate to buy this book, it will make you money!”
            –Ike Iossif, President/Chief Investment Officer, Aegean Capital Group, Inc. 
ETFs offer exceptionally low expenses, outstanding performance, and unparalleled transparency. But, the number and variety of choices can be overwhelming. Now, one of the field's leading experts cuts through the ETF hype, offering a start-to-finish plan for choosing the right ETFs and using them to beat the market, year after year.
Dr. Marvin Appel explains exactly how ETFs work, what they can and cannot do, and why they’re not all equally attractive. Then, drawing on objective data and proven, back-tested strategies, he shows you how you can quickly move into the right ETFs at the right time, consistently staying on the winning side of major market trends.
Appel illuminates every facet of ETF investing: quantifying potential risk and reward, using ETFs to improve diversification, implementing simple ”active strategies,” deciding when to move into cash, and more. He also presents a full chapter on international ETF investing, as well as a discussion on how ETF investing can reduce your taxes.
From start to finish, this book candidly assesses risks, costs, and rewards, helping you become an informed ETF consumer and a powerfully effective ETF investor.
- Use ETFs to invest like the big players
- Drive down costs and fully leverage diversification, the only “free lunch” on Wall Street
- Learn what your investment advisors won’t tell you
- The objective truth about ETF costs, risks, and opportunities
- Build your “one-decision” portfolio
- Profitable investing has never been this easy
- Drive even greater profits with proven “active” strategies
- Simple asset allocation strategies you can implement in just minutes
- Choose ETFs that match your investment style
- Build a profitable portfolio you’re comfortable with
“Today, exchange-traded funds are the most innovative and rapidly growing investment vehicles. Marvin Appel’s new book provides, in a highly readable framework, a wealth of information on what they are and–more importantly–how private and professional investors can use them to build wealth through a simple and easy-to-implement investment program.”
–C. Michael Carty, Principal and Chief Investment Officer, New Millennium Advisors, LLC
“In the ever-expanding complex world of ETFs, Marvin Appel has cut through all the fluff and created a one-stop guide to not only using them, but using them profitably. The sections on diversification and the use of relative strength in comparing asset classes are invaluable. Individual investors and financial advisors alike will get a significant return on investment by spending time with this book.”
–Bob Kargenian, CMT, President/Principal, TABR Capital Management, LLC
The first step-by-step investment program built around low-cost, top-performance ETFs!
Back-tested, verifiable strategies from one of the world’s leading ETF experts!
All you need is a discount brokerage account, a few minutes on the Internet each month, and this book!
ETFs give investors the best of all worlds: instant diversification, unprecedented flexibility for profiting from market shifts, and incredibly low costs. Now, there’s a step-by-step, plain-English guide to profiting from ETFs from one of the world’s leading experts.
Chapter 1 Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs): Now Individuals Can Invest Like the Big Players
Chapter 2 The Multifaceted Stock Market: A Guide to Different Investment Styles
Chapter 3 A One-Step Strategy for Selecting Superior Investments: Indexing
Chapter 4 Investment Risk: A Visit to the Dark Side
Chapter 5 How Well Are Your Investments Really Doing? Risk-Adjusted Performance
Chapter 6 Diversification: The Only Free Lunch on Wall Street
Chapter 7 The One-Decision Portfolio
Chapter 8 When to Live Large: An Asset Allocation Model for Small- Versus Large-Cap ETFs
Chapter 9 Boring Bargains or Hot Prospects? Choosing Between Growth and Value ETFs
Chapter 10 When Is It Safe to Drink the Water? International Investing
Chapter 11 What Bonds Can Tell You About Stocks: How to Use Interest Rates
Chapter 12 It’s a Jungle Out There: Selecting from Among Different ETFs with Similar Investment Objectives
Chapter 13 The Ultimate ETF Investment Program in Just 30 Minutes Per Month
Appendix Internet Resources for ETF Investors

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