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Sonny Software Bookends 14.2.6 macOS

Posted By: melt_
Sonny Software Bookends 14.2.6 macOS

Sonny Software Bookends 14.2.6 macOS | 105.5 Mb

Bookends is a full-featured reference management app for students and professionals.

Everything in its place
Unlimited multi-level hierarchical folders and groups (static and smart) bring your reference data soup into coherence. Identify and reuse recurring data from self-updating Term Lists.

Get attached
Attach PDFs, images, Word documents, or anything you want. Let Bookends rename and organize your attachments in a central location. Search your library for references and the contents of their attached PDFs simultaneously to find just the articles you want.

PDF central
The full-featured PDF reader lets you add markup and annotations, which automatically integrate with the interactive note stream. Share annotations with other PDF readers and Bookends for iOS (of course). Create deep PDF links for instant access to your annotations and thoughts while in other applications. Bookends can even extract attached PDF annotations with full details and links from one or all references in one go. And a tabbed PDF display lets you switch between references and their PDFs with a click.

No book is an island
Like people, references may be related. Create links between items such a book and its chapters, an article and the works it cites, or any other relationship you can dream up. See all relatives at a glance, move between them with a click, and even combine portions from each in a single bibliographic citation.

Have Bookends create hypertext links to references, groups, folders, and PDF content. Connect references to apps in the outside world, and vice versa. Take logical jumps from one reference to another, and back again. Follow the interconnecting breadcrumbs, one click at a time.

Every cloud has a silver lining
Tag clouds are visual depictions of the terms in your references, and each tag's frequency is indicated by size and color. They're not just pretty, they let you quickly winnow the references to just the ones you want.

Think locally, act globally
Curate your library using a plethora of global operations. Find/replace, consolidate related names and terms, move fields, change case, standardize names, and more allow you to instantly update one or all of your references and PDFs with a click.

Home Page - http://www.sonnysoftware.com/