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Altair HyperWorks Desktop with Solvers 2023.1

Posted By: scutter
Altair HyperWorks Desktop with Solvers 2023.1

Altair HyperWorks Desktop with Solvers 2023.1 | 9.0 Gb

Altair, a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), announced the release of Altair HyperWorks 2023.1 is the most comprehensive, powerful, versatile, and open CAE platform available, empowering engineers of all skill levels with a suite of design and simulation products for a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more.

HyperWorks 2023.1 - Release Highlights

For the full list of new and improved features, and fixed bugs please refer to the release notes located here
Altair HyperWorks Desktop with Solvers 2023.1

Altair Simulation -driven design changed product development forever, enabling engineers to reduce design iterations and prototype testing. Increasing scientific computing power expanded the opportunity to apply analysis, making large design studies possible within the timing constraints of a program. Now engineering adoption of AI is transforming product development again. The combination of physics-based simulation-driven design with machine learning, leveraging the latest in high-performance computing, enables teams to explore more and identify high-potential designs – while rejecting low-potential concepts – even earlier in development cycles.
HyperWorks is the most comprehensive, open architecture CAE simulation platform in the industry, offering the best technologies to design and optimize high performance, weight efficient and innovative products. HyperWorks includes best-in-class modeling, linear and nonlinear analyses, structural and system-level optimization, fluid and multi-body dynamics simulation, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), multiphysics analysis, model-based development, and data management solutions
HyperWorks 2023 brings new features and enhancements across disciplines, including fluids and thermal, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), materials, systems modeling, discrete element modeling, electronic system design, electromagnetics, multiphysics, multibody dynamics, structural analysis, and simulation-driven design for manufacturing
Among various CAE tools, HyperWorks Desktop is on the top of the list. It is used to create complex meshes with advance decision making and design exploration capabilities. It provides a very friendly environment with all the basic tools for simulation and many options at one click. You can perform many advanced operations like structure analysis, mesh handling, physics management, and structural optimization. As it focusses on decision-making so it uses the complex analysis with advanced engineering information to provide a perfect environment.

This TOP10 is the resultant of a survey over a group of 15-20 Altair experts and application engineers. You may have a different opinion.

As of the 2023 release, Altair HyperWorks was renamed to Altair HyperMesh. Altair HyperWorks has evolved into Altair's best-in-class design and simulation platform, where Altair HyperMesh functions as a product within this platform for pre- and post-processing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and multibody dynamic (MBD).

Altair HyperWorks Desktop with Solvers 2023.1

Altair is a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI) that provides software and cloud solutions in simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics, and AI. Altair enables organizations across all industries to compete more effectively and drive smarter decisions in an increasingly connected world – all while creating a greener, more sustainable future.

Owner: Altair
Product Name: HyperWorks Desktop
Version: 2023.1 with Solvers & Offline Help *
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page : www.altairhyperworks.com
Languages Supported: english
System Requirements: Windows **
Size: 9.0 Gb


Altair HyperWorks Desktop with Solvers 2023.1

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Altair HyperWorks Desktop with Solvers 2023.1