CreativeMarket - Texture Automator + 45 Texture Bonus

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CreativeMarket - Texture Automator + 45 Texture Bonus

CreativeMarket - Texture Automator + 45 Texture Bonus
Photoshop ATN, PSD, JPG, PNG | 171 MB

Watch the 60 Second Overview Video Here:

Adobe Photoshop Required (Elements NOT Supported), Logos in Previews NOT Included

Applying Great Textures Shouldn't Be Hard:

Applying great textures to your designs, illustrations, and photos shouldn't be a long and drawn out process. The Texture Automator allows you to simply load in a texture and piece of art of your choice, and then hit play, instantly applying the texture to whatever design, illustration, or photo you're using. You can give your work professional level texture in just seconds! The Texture Automator will apply almost any texture that you throw at it - even photos! Experiment with different source material to achieve a vast variety of possible results. The Texture Automator also allows you to quickly apply tonal background textures to finish the look for whatever project you're working on.

45 Premium Included Textures:

Although the Texture Automator will work with almost any texture you throw at it, I've included 45 premium textures for you to use with the Automator to give your designs, illustrations, and photos an amazing textured look. 30 of these textures are never before released cracked textures that range from simple cracked lines to cracks that almost appear like a well worn wooden board. Also included are 15 textures from my various other texture packs that I've selected to give you a diverse and interesting selection of premium textures to choose from. The best part of all is that you can use all the textures you've collected along the way with this action, or create new ones of your own and pop them in. The only limit is your creativity!


Nothing is worse than coming back to an old project where you need to make a small tweak just to realize that you've deleted out part of the design with a texture that is almost impossible to replicate. This action works using masks allowing your work to never be destroyed or damaged allowing you to quickly go back and make changes to the source material with the overall texture appearance staying intact.

Detailed Instructions Included:

I've created this action to be super fast and easy to use, but I've also included a link to a full tutorial video (much more in depth than the promotional video above) as well as an in depth instructional PDF going over the use of this action. I spent a full day creating and recording these instructions to hopefully make this action a pleasure to use. Any additional questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below, or send me a message. I'm always happy to help.

Stats at a Glance: • Adobe Photoshop CS4+ Required (sorry, Elements is not supported) • .PSD File Included with All Required Layers and Smart Objects • Texture Automator .atn File Included • 45 Premium Textures Included - 15" x 15" @ 300 PPI (4500 x 4500 px) in .JPG format • Non-Destructive Action - Never Damage Your Artwork! • Detailed Instructional Video and PDF Included