8 Minutes in the Morning for Real Shapes, Real Sizes

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8 Minutes in the Morning for Real Shapes, Real Sizes

8 Minutes in the Morning for Real Shapes, Real Sizes: Specifically Designed for People Who Want to Lose 30 Pounds or More by Jorge Cruise
English | June 30, 2003 | ISBN: 1579547141 | 272 pages | EPUB | 14 Mb

Lose weight the Jorge Cruise way!
Each morning for 4 weeks, you'll roll out of bed, review Jorge Cruise's motivational messages, complete just two revolutionary and effective strength-training Cruise Moves™ designed for your body size, and that's it! No equipment. No aerobics. No gym memberships. No strained back or knees. No hassles.
Learn about Jorge's all-new eating system that includes every one of your favorite foods–not one is off-limits! Never starve or deprive yourself again. You'll eat healthier foods and fewer calories automatically–without hunger. How can you lose weight by eating two entire plates of food and topping it off with chocolate? Jorge shows you how with his unique Cruise Down Plate™ approach to eating. You can follow his plan anywhere and enjoy it for life.
By putting Jorge's client-proven motivational component into daily practice, you will eliminate emotional hunger and self-sabotaging behavior forever. Weight loss has never been easier!

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